The Book ‘Twilight’

The Writter of Twilight the Book says that She had come up with the Idea of writing it from no-where in June 2003. She certainly dint knew that the Book will be a foundation for a Series of Movies to come, that will entertain the fans more than ever.

The Vampire story hit the screens hard and was a big succes but not many people know that it was taken from this book.
The author of the book Stephenie Meyer Says she saw a dream on June the second and that made the story begin.

It was By far the best Seller In the World and Earned her alot.
But the best of them all was the Movie, starring Rob Patterson and Kristen Stewart as The main characters. It hit the cinema Hard and Made alot. It was a very large success in what was termed to be of a series to come.
The reviews about the book that came from mostly 16 years old who found it amazing.
Katie aged 16 says: Twilight is one of the ,most moving Book i have ever read, it kept me thinking about it after i read the last page. Its heart Breaking Romance and Twisting suspense Made it hard for me to Put Down the Book.
This is the kind of reaction this book met.
The other series of same Kind ‘ The Harry Potter’ was also famous but still couldnt hit the same Likes, solely because of its concentration on the Magical stuff and Child thing.
The last Series of the movie is yet to come, but the Name that this book earned Stephenie has no parallels.

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